Air-to-Refrigerant Heat Transfer Equipment
ASHRAE Technical Committee 8.4

Meeting Documents

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ASHRAE members have free access to research project final reports. Non-ASHRAE members can purchase research reports for $30 per article from the ASHRAE Bookstore found at this link.

The TC has completed the following research projects:

RP 1260:  Refrigeration Distribution in Microchannel Evaporator Manifolds – Reinhard Radermacher: University of Maryland
RP 1195: Microchannel Flow Heat Exchanger Defrost Performance and Reliability - Eckhard Groll: Purdue University
RP 1102: Evaluation of Fin Staging Methods for Minimizing Coil Frost Accumulation - Dennis O'Neal : Texas A&M University
RP 1100: Control of Frost Accumulation in Refrigerating Equipment using Electro-Hydrodynamic Technique - Michael Ohadi: University of Maryland


Presentations from TC sponsored seminars can be downloaded here, if available.